Afghan Voices, Afghan Perspectives

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Presents: Afghan Voices, Afghan Perspectives

Professor Louise Pascale and Qais Akbar Omar

When: Thursday, February 6 from 5-6:30pm in Marran TheaterDoble Campus

Book Signing and Reception to Follow

Afghan Voices, Afghan Perspectives

We often hear about Afghanistan, although it is usually a story told from one perspective.  This unique presentation will provide you with the opportunity to broaden your understanding of Afghanistan and the Afghan people by hearing stories about Afghanistan that are told from various viewpoints.    Louise Pascale, Founder and Director of the Afghan Children’s Songbook Project, will share her story of living in Afghanistan in the late 60’s, returning 40 years later in 2009, and from this experience creating the Songbook Project for Afghan children.  Qais Akbar Omar, author of the acclaimed The Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story will share quite a different story.  He will relate his experience of escaping with his family from Afghanistan during the Civil War and Taliban occupation and finding his life’s work in carpet making and writing.  The program will also include the voices of Afghan students studying in the U.S.  This is an opportunity to go beyond the ‘single story’ to gain a broader perspective of the beauty of Afghanistan and its people.

About the Presenters

Dr. Louise Pascale, Associate Professor at Lesley University has worked for over 25 years in the field of arts and education.  Motivated by a long-held passion and concern for preserving traditional music, Louise has spent the last eight years directing The Afghan Children’s Songbook Project with the goal of preserving and redistributing traditional Afghan children’s songs that were almost entirely eradicated due to over twenty years of war and oppression in Afghanistan.  Today over 45,000 songbooks and teacher’s guides are distributed across

Qais Akbar Omar was born in Kabul in a time of relative peace. But in the wake of the Russian withdrawal and the bloody civil conflict that erupted, his family was forced to flee and take refuge in the legendary Fort of Nine Towers, a centuries-old palace in the hills on the far side of Kabul. On a perilous trip home, Omar’s account of his early years that became 8, is a highly acclaimed book published by Knopf Canada.(2013)  Qais now lives in Boston where he is enrolled in an MFA creative writing program at Boston University.

About the Global Arts Series

The Global Arts Series features arts based approaches initiated by Lesley University faculty and other international experts. In the global society in which we live, the arts open pathways to understanding and communication between peoples. In addition, the arts are channels for creativity and celebration mitigate the effects of stress and trauma and are known to facilitate innovative spaces for emotional release. The arts can provide people a tangible result for their efforts in a relative short time, actions that can take place through individual or collective effort. Join us to circumnavigate the globe using the arts as our compass for exploration!

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