About Us


The Creativity Commons is located in University Hall on the third floor in UNIV 3-043. The door to The Commons is at the end of the hallway that connects with the Casbah. The Creativity Commons is located amongst the ELIS offices.
The Commons is a physical, virtual and conceptual space that is both inclusive and generative. The shared space for creative exploration will include some of our faculty, doctoral students and administrators from across the four schools of Lesley, and visiting scholars and fellows.  The ideas and actions that emerge from this space generate new academic offerings, scholarship, workshops and publications.

The Commons is the physical manifestation of a space where ideas generated by faculty from across the university can emerge as actions. The Commons offers the community a shared space, a commons, where materials and technological tools can be used to explore ideas collaboratively and generate original projects and programs focused on creativity in practice.  With invited speakers, conveners and fellows to stimulate creative thoughts and actions, the Commons fosters new programs, projects and scholarship for schools, community organizations, and others that support the mission of Lesley University and contribute to solving social problems.

The Commons continues the long trajectory of innovation and original programming at Lesley, focusing on what is at the core of creativity, a quality of thinking necessary for successful students and faculty in the 21st century.  By creativity we mean ideas or actions that are innovative, imaginative and involve risk-taking, and that result in outcomes that are original and novel.  Edith Lesley began the tradition at Lesley when she created the first school for kindergarten teachers in this area.

Lesley’s history of interdisciplinary programming and its strength in arts programming makes it an ideal location for a shared space for creativity. With the art school moving to Cambridge, the Commons opens a space for new levels of integration and connection between artists and others and provides increased access to the arts and to creativity for all members of the Lesley community.

Advisory Board

Martha McKenna, University Professor and Director, Creativity Commons, mckenna2@lesley.edu

Gene Diaz, Distinguished Professor, Creativity Commons, gdiaz@lesley.edu

Sandra Bertman, Visiting Scholar, sbertman@gmail.com

Rebbeca Cote, Director of the Cambridge Creativity Commons in the Cambridge Public Schools, rcote3@lesley.edu

Julia Byers, Professor, Expressive Therapies, jbyers@lesley.edu

Charles Eaton, Senior Grants Officer, Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects, ceaton@lesley.edu

Lella Gandini, Visiting Scholar, lellagandini@gmail.com

Madeleine Holzer, Visiting Scholar, mfholzer@gmail.com

Lisa Ijiri, Associate Provost, lijiri@lesley.edu

Kristina Lamour Sansone, Associate Professor and Chair, Design Department, klamour@lesley.edu

Vivien Marcow-Speiser, Professor, Expressive Therapies and Director of the Institute for Arts and Health, vspeiser@lesley.edu

Linda Pursley, Director, Office of Assessment and Institutional Research, lpusley@lesley.edu

Amy Rutstein-Riley, Dean of Faculty, arutstei@lesley.edu

Emmanuel Martinez,  Director of Communications and Documentation, emarti16@lesley.edu